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Category: Fruits & Vegetables

Asian Pear

Asian pears are known by many names, including: Chinese, Japanese, Oriental, sand and apple pear. There is confusion with the name “apple pear,” as it may lead people to believe that the...


Blackberries are divided into classes by their growth habit and are described as trailing, semi-trailing or erect. The trailing varieties (sometimes called dewberries) are thorny; the semi-trailing...

Bunch Grapes

Two primary species of bunch grapes are commercially grown in the United States: the European bunch grape (Vitis vinifera) and the American bunch grape (V. labrusca). South Carolina’s climate...

Camas de Siembra

Si usted quiere construir un huerto e su terreno, pero su terreno tiene muchas inclinaciones o un mal drenaje, usted puede solucionar ese problema al levantar camas de cultivo. Usted puede construir...

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