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Should I Water My Plants in the Winter?

It should go without saying that water is vital for plant survival. Plants use water for photosynthesis, transporting water-soluble nutrients, and maintaining turgidity. Turgidity is the water...

Watering Warm-Season Lawns During Winter

Most years, South Carolina receives several inches of rain during the fall and winter. This year, however, we have been on the dry side. We have also been having warmer than average days, and your...

Cold Tolerance in Citrus

The main limiting factor for growing citrus is the lack of significant cold tolerance. The ideal temperature range for citrus is between 60- and 90-degrees F, though depending on the species and...

Holiday Decorating with Orange Pomanders

Start a new holiday tradition with your family this year by making orange pomander balls. They can be hung on your Christmas tree as ornaments, attached to garlands, or used in a holiday centerpiece...

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